30 December 2010

The RAAF Hudson Story, Book Two - not long now

I know I've been pushing this barrow a fair bit but when something of this magnitude is due to be published it is natural to get excited. Of course, such a large project can be 90% done and still have a long way to go and the deadlines of the self-publisher simply get eaten up. But, why rush something like this? It, with Book One, is set to be the reference work for the Hudson in Australian service (both military and civilian).

The latest news, as of a couple of weeks ago, is that the advance copy has been approved by David's well-known designer, Mark Nelson, and, as a result, the printers are good to go. David, consequently, is now expecting to receive the shipment of crisp, new, Hudson-loaded books by the end of January.

The pre-publication offer is still available. Simply email David at djvincentATchariot.net.au

Make room on your shelf!

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