08 June 2011

Quick reference - review library

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Air War for Burma - Bryn Evans
An Expendable Squadron - Roy Conyers Nesbit
Another Dawn Another Dusk - Kenneth Ballantyne
Alamein To The Alps - Mark Lax
A Gremlin On My Shoulder - Ron Cundy DFC
A Legend In His Time - Vincent A. Ashworth
A Most Secret Squadron - Des Curtis DFC
A Ruddy Awful Waste - Steve Brew with Mike Bradbury
A Special Duty - Jennifer Elkin
A Spy in the Sky - Kenneth B. Johnson
A Thousand Shall Fall - Murray Peden
A True Story Of The Great Escape - Louise Williams
An Alien Sky - Andrew Wiseman with Sean Feast
'Artie' Bomber Command Legend - Vincent Ashworth
Australian Eagles - Kristen Alexander
Australia's Few and the Battle Of Britain - Kristen Alexander

Beaufighter Boys - Graham Pitchfork
Beaufighters In The Night - Brick Eisel
Beyond Courage - Norman Franks
Blood, Sweat And Courage - Steve Brew
Blood, Sweat And Valour - Steve Brew
Bomber Boys - Marianne Van Velzen
Flying to the Edge – Matthew Willis
From Dogfight To Diplomacy – Donald MacDonnell
From Sapper to Spitfire Spy – Sally-Anne Greville-Heygate
Flightpath To Murder – Steve Darlow

Gladiators over the Fjords - Alex Crawford

Going Solo - Roald Dahl
Geoffrey Guy's War - Jennifer Barraclough and David Guy
Greeks In Foreign Cockpits - Demetrius Vassilopoulos, Kyriakos Paloulian, George Chalkiadopoulos


Heaven High Ocean Deep - Tim Hillier-Graves
Sailor Malan - Philip Kaplan
Ship-Busters - Ralph Barker
Shot Down - Alex Kerr
Shot Down - Steve Snyder
Six O'Clock Diamond - Gus Officer
Spies In The Sky - Taylor Downing 

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