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Air War for Burma - Bryn Evans
An Expendable Squadron - Roy Conyers Nesbit
Another Dawn Another Dusk - Kenneth Ballantyne
Alamein To The Alps - Mark Lax
A Gremlin On My Shoulder - Ron Cundy DFC
A Legend In His Time - Vincent A. Ashworth
A Most Secret Squadron - Des Curtis DFC
A Ruddy Awful Waste - Steve Brew with Mike Bradbury
A Special Duty - Jennifer Elkin
A Spy in the Sky - Kenneth B. Johnson
A Thousand Shall Fall - Murray Peden
A True Story Of The Great Escape - Louise Williams
An Alien Sky - Andrew Wiseman with Sean Feast
'Artie' Bomber Command Legend - Vincent Ashworth
Australian Eagles - Kristen Alexander
Australia's Few and the Battle Of Britain - Kristen Alexander

Beaufighter Boys - Graham Pitchfork
Beaufighters In The Night - Brick Eisel
Beyond Courage - Norman Franks
Blood, Sweat And Courage - Steve Brew
Blood, Sweat And Valour - Steve Brew
Bomber Boys - Marianne Van Velzen

Carrier Pilot - Norman Hanson
Chasing Shadows - Stephen Lewis with Bob Cowper
Clive Caldwell Air Ace - Kristen Alexander
Coastal Dawn - Andrew D. Bird

Dam Busters: Failed To Return - Robert Owen et al
Desert Flyer - Martyn R. Ford-Jones
Down To Earth - Kenneth McGlashan with Owen Zupp

Eagles Of The Southern Sky - Luca Ruffato and Michael Claringbould
Escape: The Best Sport Ever! - Frank Gatland DFM

44 Days - Michael Veitch
50 Tales Of Flight - Owen Zupp
First Light - Geoffrey Wellum
From Dogfight To Diplomacy - Donald MacDonnell
Flightpath To Murder - Steve Darlow

Gladiators over the Fjords - Alex Crawford

Going Solo - Roald Dahl
Geoffrey Guy's War - Jennifer Barraclough and David Guy
Greeks In Foreign Cockpits - Demetrius Vassilopoulos, Kyriakos Paloulian, George Chalkiadopoulos


High Flight - Roger Cole
High in the Sunlit Silence - Commander Tony Vine RANR
Heroes Of The Skies - Michael Veitch
Hurrah For The Next Man - Phil Davenport
Hurricane Squadron Ace - Nick Thomas

Into The Midst Of Things - Sir Richard Kingsland AO, CBE, DFC

Images Of War: Veteran Lancs - Norman Franks


Jack Davenport Beaufighter Leader - Kristen Alexander

Jimmy Muir from Trois-Rivières - Sara V. Mosher 
Just As It Happened - Merv Pike 
Just One Of The Many - Dudley C Egles MID

Lancaster Bale Out - Clive Smith

Lancaster Men - Peter Rees
Laucala Bay - Bee Dawson
Last Stand in Singapore - Graham Clayton
Liberator - Ron Watts
Life's Too Short To Cry - Tim Vigors DFC
Lost Without Trace - Leon Kane-Maguire


Men Of The Battle Of Britain - Kenneth G. Wynn

Mosquito: Menacing The Reich - Martin Bowman
My New Guinea Diary - Ernest C. Ford

Mosquito Down! - Frank Dell with Brett Piper 


Never Been Hit - Peter Fitton 
Not Peace But A Sword - Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs
Night After Night - Max Lambert

Night Duel Over Germany - Peter Jacobs

Of Sons and Skies - Robert Arley
One Life Left - Hugh Garlick DFC
Operation Hurricane - Marc Hall

Pilot of Fortune - Ted Beaudoin

Race of Aces - John R. Bruning
Radar Gunner - Dick Dakeyne
Ready to Strike - Adam Lunney
Riding In The Shadow Of Death - Chris Keltie


75 (NZ) Squadron - Chris Ward and Chris Newey
6 Group Bomber Command - Chris Ward
Ship-Busters - Ralph Barker
Shot Down - Alex Kerr
Shot Down - Steve Snyder
Six O'Clock Diamond - Gus Officer
Spies In The Sky - Taylor Downing 
Spitfire Leader - Dennis Newton and Richard Bungey
Spitfires, Thunderbolts And Warm Beer - Philip D. Caine
Strike And Strike Again - Ian Gordon
Striking Through Clouds - Simon Hepworth and Andrew Porrelli 

Taking Flight - Kristen Alexander

The Battle Of Britain: An Epic Conflict Revisited - Christer Bergström
The Battle Of The Bismarck Sea - Gregory P. Gilbert
The Biggin Hill Wing 1941 - Peter Caygill
The Bomber Command Memorial We Will Remember Them - Steve Darlow et al
The British Pacific Fleet - David Hobbs
The Dark Haven - F.T.K. Bullmore
The "Easy" Boys - Martyn R. Ford-Jones
The Flying Hours - Andrew Millar
The Mallon Crew - Vic Jay
The Man Who Saved Smithy - Rick Searle
The RAAF Hudson Story Book Two - David Vincent 
They Gave Me A Seafire - 'Mike' Crosley DSC*, RN
They Hosed Them Out - John Bede Cusack
Thunder Bird In Bomber Command - Sean Feast
Too Young To Die - Bryan Cox 
Torpedo Leader - Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs


Under A Bomber's Moon - Stephen Harris

V1 Flying Bomb Aces - Andrew Thomas

Wings Of Destiny - Charles Page

Wings Of The Dawn - Kate Johnson
Wings of Valour - Charles Page 

Zero Hour In Broome - Dr Tom Lewis & Peter Ingman

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