Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Richard Stowers goes electronic

Well-known New Zealand author Richard Stowers has launched his new website detailing his extensive list of written work.

Covering more than just RAF and Commonwealth aircrew, Richard is perhaps New Zealand's most prolific published author of the modern day. If
Bomber Barron and Cobber Kain are anything to go by, his latest work and 'back catalogue' are well-produced and good value for money.

Have a look at
richardstowers.co.nz and keep an eye on it for new books.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Quick reference - review library

Please let me know if any of the links do not work.

Air War for Burma - Bryn Evans
An Expendable Squadron - Roy Conyers Nesbit
Another Dawn Another Dusk - Kenneth Ballantyne
Alamein To The Alps - Mark Lax
A Gremlin On My Shoulder - Ron Cundy DFC
A Legend In His Time - Vincent A. Ashworth
A Most Secret Squadron - Des Curtis DFC
A Ruddy Awful Waste - Steve Brew with Mike Bradbury
A Special Duty - Jennifer Elkin
A Thousand Shall Fall - Murray Peden
A True Story Of The Great Escape - Louise Williams
An Alien Sky - Andrew Wiseman with Sean Feast
'Artie' Bomber Command Legend - Vincent Ashworth
Australian Eagles - Kristen Alexander
Australia's Few and the Battle Of Britain - Kristen Alexander

Beaufighters In The Night - Brick Eisel
Beyond Courage - Norman Franks
Blood, Sweat And Courage - Steve Brew
Blood, Sweat And Valour - Steve Brew
Bomber Boys - Marianne Van Velzen

Carrier Pilot - Norman Hanson
Chasing Shadows - Stephen Lewis with Bob Cowper
Clive Caldwell Air Ace - Kristen Alexander
Coastal Dawn - Andrew D. Bird

Dam Busters: Failed To Return - Robert Owen et al
Desert Flyer - Martyn R. Ford-Jones
Down To Earth - Kenneth McGlashan with Owen Zupp

Eagles Of The Southern Sky - Luca Ruffato and Michael Claringbould
Escape: The Best Sport Ever! - Frank Gatland DFM

44 Days - Michael Veitch
50 Tales Of Flight - Owen Zupp
First Light - Geoffrey Wellum
From Dogfight To Diplomacy - Donald MacDonnell
Flightpath To Murder - Steve Darlow

Gladiators over the Fjords - Alex Crawford

Going Solo - Roald Dahl
Geoffrey Guy's War - Jennifer Barraclough and David Guy
Greeks In Foreign Cockpits - Demetrius Vassilopoulos, Kyriakos Paloulian, George Chalkiadopoulos


High Flight - Roger Cole
High in the Sunlit Silence - Commander Tony Vine RANR
Heroes Of The Skies - Michael Veitch
Hurrah For The Next Man - Phil Davenport
Hurricane Squadron Ace - Nick Thomas

Into The Midst Of Things - Sir Richard Kingsland AO, CBE, DFC

Images Of War: Veteran Lancs - Norman Franks


Jack Davenport Beaufighter Leader - Kristen Alexander

Jimmy Muir from Trois-Rivières - Sara V. Mosher 
Just One Of The Many - Dudley C Egles MID

Lancaster Bale Out - Clive Smith

Lancaster Men - Peter Rees
Laucala Bay - Bee Dawson
Liberator - Ron Watts
Life's Too Short To Cry - Tim Vigors DFC
Lost Without Trace - Leon Kane-Maguire


Men Of The Battle Of Britain - Kenneth G. Wynn

Mosquito: Menacing The Reich - Martin Bowman
My New Guinea Diary - Ernest C. Ford

Mosquito Down! - Frank Dell with Brett Piper 


Never Been Hit - Peter Fitton 
Not Peace But A Sword - Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs
Night After Night - Max Lambert

Night Duel Over Germany - Peter Jacobs

Of Sons and Skies - Robert Arley
One Life Left - Hugh Garlick DFC
Operation Hurricane - Marc Hall

Pilot of Fortune - Ted Beaudoin

Ready to Strike - Adam Lunney
Riding In The Shadow Of Death - Chris Keltie


75 (NZ) Squadron - Chris Ward and Chris Newey
6 Group Bomber Command - Chris Ward
Ship-Busters - Ralph Barker
Shot Down - Alex Kerr
Shot Down - Steve SnyderSix O'Clock Diamond - Gus Officer
Spies In The Sky - Taylor Downing 
Spitfires, Thunderbolts And Warm Beer - Philip D. Caine
Strike And Strike Again - Ian Gordon
Striking Through Clouds - Simon Hepworth and Andrew Porrelli 

Taking Flight - Kristen Alexander

The Battle Of Britain: An Epic Conflict Revisited - Christer Bergström
The Battle Of The Bismarck Sea - Gregory P. Gilbert
The Biggin Hill Wing 1941 - Peter Caygill
The Bomber Command Memorial We Will Remember Them - Steve Darlow et al
The British Pacific Fleet - David Hobbs
The "Easy" Boys - Martyn R. Ford-Jones
The Flying Hours - Andrew Millar
The Mallon Crew - Vic Jay
The Man Who Saved Smithy - Rick Searle
The RAAF Hudson Story Book Two - David Vincent 
They Gave Me A Seafire - 'Mike' Crosley DSC*, RN
They Hosed Them Out - John Bede Cusack
Thunder Bird In Bomber Command - Sean Feast
Too Young To Die - Bryan Cox 
Torpedo Leader - Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs


Under A Bomber's Moon - Stephen Harris

V1 Flying Bomb Aces - Andrew Thomas

Wings Of Destiny - Charles Page

Wings Of The Dawn - Kate Johnson
Wings of Valour - Charles Page 

Zero Hour In Broome - Dr Tom Lewis & Peter Ingman

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ted The Lad - Ted Cachart

It never ceases to amaze me how many stories are out there. As far as I'm concerned all are worthy of publication be it in a magazine or the 'complete' treatment - a book (or, in the case of someone like Terence O'Brien, a trilogy!). Considering the story detailed below, it was quite a surprise to speak with Ted Cachart earlier this year and discover he and a friend had set up their own publishing house to ensure their stories got out there.

Ted and his partner-in-crime, John Ward, are perhaps best known for their No. 49 Squadron history Beware Of The Dog At War (now in its second printing). It is Ted's time with 49, and his RAF career beforehand, however, that has only recently been made known through the publication of Ted The Lad. The sub-title could not be more apt - A Schoolboy Who Went To War - as Ted "accepted the King's Shilling" and became an aircrew trainee a month before his sixteenth birthday!

Trained as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, he and his crew became POWs on their seventh op after their Lancaster collided with another in the first few days of January, 1944. While all of the men we read about were way too young, having access to a boy's perspective of the bomber crew experience must surely be unique?

While not a new book by any means, this is certainly one to consider. Visit the JoTe Publications page or email Ted direct tedtheladATtiscali.co.uk