05 June 2011

Ted The Lad - Ted Cachart

It never ceases to amaze me how many stories are out there. As far as I'm concerned all are worthy of publication be it in a magazine or the 'complete' treatment - a book (or, in the case of someone like Terence O'Brien, a trilogy!). Considering the story detailed below, it was quite a surprise to speak with Ted Cachart earlier this year and discover he and a friend had set up their own publishing house to ensure their stories got out there.

Ted and his partner-in-crime, John Ward, are perhaps best known for their No. 49 Squadron history Beware Of The Dog At War (now in its second printing). It is Ted's time with 49, and his RAF career beforehand, however, that has only recently been made known through the publication of Ted The Lad. The sub-title could not be more apt - A Schoolboy Who Went To War - as Ted "accepted the King's Shilling" and became an aircrew trainee a month before his sixteenth birthday!

Trained as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, he and his crew became POWs on their seventh op after their Lancaster collided with another in the first few days of January, 1944. While all of the men we read about were way too young, having access to a boy's perspective of the bomber crew experience must surely be unique?

While not a new book by any means, this is certainly one to consider. Visit the JoTe Publications page or email Ted direct tedtheladATtiscali.co.uk


  1. This is one book I am going to have to read after hearing so much about Ted Cachart.

    Did you know he has now teamed up with World War II Heritage to help veterans or their widows/widowers and carers apply for lottery funding through the Heroes Return 2 scheme?

    He secured funding to make his own return trip to Avignon & Nice, so he's now trying to spread the word that the scheme ends in January 2012. He's even offering his free help with form filling & general advice about accessing funds.

    The email address I have for him is info @ worldwartwoheritage .com as per the World War Two Heritage website.

    He's some man, quite the entrepreneur, it seems! I can't wait to read his book. Did you enjoy meeting him?

  2. Ted struck as a man who would want others to experience what he did when he went to France. I thank you for taking the time to post about his new and beneficial venture.

    I haven't met him. We shared a couple of international phone calls earlier this year.