15 October 2012

Time for a time out ... a sabbatical really!

I know regular readers of ABR will be thinking "He hasn't done anything all year, what does he need a break for?!" and, as we all know, they're correct.  It has been a crazy year with not much reading done and even less writing and, of late, it has been getting to me as I have made commitments to authors to help publicise their books.

However, I have an exam coming up in early December and the study is not happening at all at the moment.  ABR is not impacting on that at all but I need to take the focus off it at (lots of thinking and emails etc behind the scenes = distraction!).  Time to get a grip and knuckle down for the next few weeks (as well as find some new cliches) so am putting the nagging desire to get reviews written aside for the next month.  I will still plug away with small things on the Facebook page but this too will also slow down.  Come mid-December I will be back in the swing of things without the study hanging over my head.

If I get the chance, I will post another Kristen Alexander review this month but no guarantees.

Thanks for your support this year.  Because of you, ABR continues to grow and is now recognised as a useful resource and promotional tool.  There's room for improvement but I could not have asked for more.

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