21 May 2013

Lancaster Men - the sequel

Peter Rees' lastest book, Lancaster Men, has met with considerable success and has been selling very well.  This is great news.  As I mentioned in the mini-review below, the book is very accessible from an availability and reading point of view.  You certainly do not need to be very familiar with Bomber Command or the air war to get the most out of this attractive and thick paperback.  Not since Hank Nelson's superb (and perfectly-titled) Chased By The Sun has an 'anthology' about the Australians in Bomber Command been so well-received.

Happily, it looks like we are in for a second helping.  With the success of LM Peter has begun to collect more stories to share more of the Australian Bomber Command experience.  He has sent out a request for contact with veterans and their families who would like their stories told.  If you think you can help, please drop me a line - aircrewbooksATiinet.net.au - and I will put you in touch with Peter (I'll share his email here once I have permission). 

Time is running out for us to record the living history that exists in each and every one of our surviving veterans.  While Peter will most likely also use personal records of those who have passed away, this is probably one of the final opportunites for those still with us.  We can learn so much from those who saw too much.

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