31 March 2014

Disappearing again

With another exam to get through at the end of April I am disappearing again (not that I've been terribly active of late due to study etc).

I'll be back with a vengeance - so much to write about - in May.  There's lots of new titles to get excited about and I'm hoping to knock off some of my increasing backlog of older reviews.

Until May...



  1. Andy . . . . do you recall an article in AEROPLANE MONTHLY by Roy Nesbit, in the 1980s possibly, in which he or those who conducted the research, found that in Magee's HIGH FLIGHT there were particular phrases that could be found elsewhere in the works of other poets?

  2. Hi Robb
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, that rings a bell. Roger Cole's book does allude to Magee being influenced by several well-known poets. I didn't write about that sort of thing in the review as it's long enough already! He was certainly well-versed with some of their work.